The Story

The ReddRooster Story

Good things from Argentine

My good friend Mario and I both travelled from our hometown Amsterdam to Argentina, coincidentaly in the same period in 2007. Mario on an adventurous holiday trip with his lovely wife, enjoying the pampa and  the Argentinean style of horseback riding. I was on assignment, writing an article about a successful Mendoza winerie with Dutch origins.

That’s where it all started...

We both marveled at the awesome and stunning landscapes and enjoyed the authentic hospitality and lifestyle of the gauchos. And -of course- we were invited to some original parrilla-style Argentinean barbecue parties, or asados. And that’s where it all started…

Discovery at the fireside

Once returned to our wet and chilly country, we soon got together to exchange memories and impressions of our trips. We discovered that we had both been totally struck by the taste and texture of the asadores meats. But even more so by the discovery that an Argentinean BBQ is a much more sociable and intensely relaxing experience than the barbecues we were used to…

‘Smoke gets in your eyes…’

Let’s be frank; a bowl of fuming charcoal and smoking and burning fat is not one of the most attractive things to be around. So at your average garden party the BBQ is typically set aside, at some distance from the partying company.

Friendly Fire

But not so an open fire. People always gather around it. The flames attract men and women, young and old, and time seems to actually slow down around a fire. Wine and cool beer actually taste better, laughter and stories thrive in the radiating glow, while a delicious meal is slowly cooking.

This relaxing, exquisite experience was something we wanted to share with our friends back home!

A cunning plan ripens…

Mario and I decided to design an apparatus that combines the advantages of the Argentinean style barbecue into a sturdy, clever box. So that eventually folks all over the world will be able to enjoy the best barbecue in the world, without the need of a plot of land to make a campfire on.

The make

Our concept had to be extremely sturdy, to reflect our high quality standards, and to pay respect to the fine products we want to cook on it, and the farmers that raise them.

Wielding of the welding torch & groaning of the grinder

It had to be the best barbecue in the world. Because we wanted it to be good-looking, we started out with the dimensions of the golden section. All in line with the clear priciples of Dutch Design. We drew countless details, designed and redesigned them and sent each other back to the drawing board several times.
Then we polished up on our welding skills and strarted cutting, plying, drilling and grinding for days.

Putting a chicken to the test

Eventually, one windy day in March, came the true test. We bought a good quality free range farmers chicken, flattened it  and had it on the hickory fired ReddRooster for two hours. Half way through we turned her over.

Awesome Chicken!

It was like no one we had ever eaten! So incredibly juicy and delicatly smokey flavoured

Of course some clumsy details had to be sorted out, obviously. So back to the drawing board for the ReddRooster V2.0…

ReddRooster , the best d*mn barbecue in the world, because:

1: a unique parrilla style wood-burning bbq
2: a top quality charcoal burning regular bbq
3: a versatile smoker
4: an outdoor fireplace to sit around and enjoy!
5: a cooking and lifestyle tool that your children will want to (and can!) inherit
6: an absurdly sturdy steel box, that you probably will have to lift with a friend (so no friends; no bbq 😉 )
7: the last bbq you’ll ever buy
8: Dutch Design