The instrument

Smart and solid

The physics explained

How it works

Air for the burning firewood is drawn in from the open front. The flames radiate heat directly to the exposed front of the meat cuts. Due to a specially designed chimney-effect, a stream of hot air and smoke rises up between the lid and the backside of the meat. Thus the meat is cooked almost equally from both sides at the same time.

The construction

The ReddRooster barbecue is built out of 3 mm hot rolled steel. Bottom and lid are simple profiles that can be cut in any length desired. Side panels carry the air adjusters, lid leverage system, front support and grid supports. This way our ReddRoosters can be made in virtually any length, with the same elements.

The first prototypes are made of untreated steel but eventually ReddRoosters will be protected with a rugged heat-resistant coating.


Upright Slow-Cooking is what the ReddRooster does better than any other barbecue. But it also easily¬†outrates other bbq’s like the Big Green Egg or Weber in super tasty regular grilling or smoking!